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Sensei Raphael Perez

Sensei Raphael Perez

Sensei Rafael Gilberto Perez was born in Panama Republic of Panama. He began the study of Shotokan at the age of fourteen. As his training formalized, he studied Shotokan under the legendary Vicente Cruz Sensei, and Shotokan and Traditional Karate under Leonel Worrell at his dojo in Panama. An avid student, Rafael Gilberto Perez trained full time in the Martial Arts, achieving high levels of proficiency at a young age. While training at Sensei Worrell’s Panamanian Academy of Karate Do, he was introduced to Nichiyama Sensei and attended several seminars of ITKF and soon became more knowledgeable in various Martial Art techniques.

In 1985 Sensei Perez won the International Kata and Kumite title that was held in Panama Republic of Panama.

Sensei Perez came to the United States of America to teach Traditional Karate in the year 2003. In 2004 Sensei Perez received Fifth Dan Black belt by the recognition of the Japan Karate Association Alliance.

Sensei Perez is an authentic Karate Sensei. He practices and Teaches Traditional Karate daily. Sensei Perez trains his students to obtain inner peace, self-joy harmony and self- control. His purpose of this teaching is to enhance the education and respect for the Martial Arts. Sensei Perez’ goal is to teach the true meaning of the Martial Arts, peace and the love of oneself and community.

Sensei Perez has been a highly regarded colleague of Sensei Michelle’s for over 15 years. Today he is teaching Shotokan Karate to Teens and Adults and serves as an advisor of Traditional Karate for children at Epic Martial Arts-EAST.